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Are you a character, or do you have character?

Are you a jack-of-all-trades like me, juggling roles and blurring the lines between passions and professions? Hi, I’m Chris Daniel. I’ve spent over a decade exploring the worlds of branding, stock trading, digital marketing, business and social media strategy. Now, I’m diving headfirst into the thrilling waters of AI and crypto mining. So why not buckle up and join me on this wild ride?

My BIO is still evolving

I’m a father, and a child at heart. Once a claims investigator, but always an IT guy. I’m a history fan, part-time explorer, proud ex-military veteran, and a gum-shoe detective. I dove into crypto mining like I did in the stock market. But my timing on that could have been better, right?



I may just be the nicest guy you’ve met since Tuesday. But don’t let that fool you – I’m also a tech-savvy guru ready to share insights on everything from the latest tech trends to the dynamics of digital marketing and investing. And yes, I’ve recently earned my certification at a crypto tax summit too. Exciting, right? But let’s dive into that after I’ve had my morning coffee..



On a serious note, someone at Disney needs to protect Lucas Arts from Kennedy before she destorys a storyline or something.
#StarWars #TeamFavreau

SOCIAL MEDIA Heroes aren't born,

they're built

I’ve had the pleasure of learning internet marketing and social media marketing from some big players. Each time I would test a guru’s strategy, I’d start off with a new page, no list or fan base and I would “go all-in and take massive action” as Chris Record would always say. That advice paid off more than once.


This Instagram-for-Business tool, the “Hashtag Ladder Cheat-Sheet” will help you finally get some traction on your IG profile. It’s just one of several strategies I learned along the way.


Don’t be that guy who thinks he knows how to use hashtags but still uses F4F. Get the free cheat-sheet before they’re all gone!

NOTE: This is not a miracle fix if you have crappy content, scattered interests, and literally a $0 marketing budget. But if you understand the difference between you chasing customers like using F4F and customers chasing you like when they find your content on the Explore page and chose to follow you… Well, then click the link above & get the FREE PDF. You’ll do well with it.

Social Proof for building viral Instagram profiles.

     2015 I Tested Chris Record’s top FB strategies on a new page with no list and I was able to build a FB page from 0-11K followers in 60 days using a $1K budget @StrongIsTheNewSexyFans

I was able to get penny clicks (in a niche I had no business being in) and I was able to start GEO targeting demographics.

     2018 I Tested Ben O’Berg’s top Instagram business page strategies with again, no list, new niche, etc. I built a new travel page from 0-180K followers in 11 months @AdventureMafia and became one of his top students. I did on-boarding of his new clients for about 6 months, and we put on a small conference at his house. However, I haven’t touched my IG in years.

     2020-21 During COVID I Moderated a Discord channel for traders. This is a great way for a business to support their products.

     Coming Soon – This Podcast collaboration has been in the works for a while.

     Coming Soon – YT channel (2 different projects).

     It’s only a little extra work to film the Podcast and stream it or repurpose the content for YT and other platforms.

Timing The Stock Market

I “aped” into the market, as I was bound to figure it out.

Back in 2006, I ‘aped’ into the stock market on my lunch break. I was determined to crack the code, and boy, did I get lucky. I doubled my money within six months and then invested in training to eliminate luck from the equation. Now, I’m a kickass swing trader, and I’ve got the stories to prove it.

Made the top 2% in this CNBC portfolio challenge.

2009 I found my way into a 30K education in real estate investing. Like wholesaling, auctions, fix & flips, land lording, tax & legal strategies, etc. Unfortunately, the R.E. market dipped later that year so I held back, but the knowledge was invaluable. The connections were huge.

So I seized the opportunity to take my instructors out to lunch or dinner in hopes of gleaning some “insider” info. – WOW!
By showing some kindness, these guys returned the kindness with their presence.

“..knowledge pays the best return.”   – Ben Franklin

I'm A KickAss Swing Trader

However, switching strategies & going long has been brutal on my small portfolio.

Once you find what works for you, don’t keep searching for other strategies and setups. Just keep fine-tuning the one strategy until you’re rich. I unfortunately, tried to be all thing to all people. Don’t. Just be the one expert who helps them do that one thing really well instead.

Can you spot momentum in the charts? Try using the MACD. Here's an example for you.
Swing trading example from 2021.
If you're watching the charts, try using some of these tools. Here is an example of the VWAP.
Discord channel for traders. Here's the social proof.

Lunch Money

Lessons I learned from millionaires, at lunch.

Occasionally buying lunch has been some of the best money I’ve spent!

They’re a talented pool of folks that I’ve had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with.

This is just my top 4 lessons condensed into a short & totally FREE PDF.

Get your FREE Lunch Money Tips now.



This is what a mini crypto mining farm might look like from an at home adventurer.

This is just the beginning of my new @home adventure.

Crypto Mining At Home

ASIC vs GPU Mining Rigs

Let’s talk crypto mining. ASIC, or Application Specific Integrated Circuit, is essentially a purpose-built machine that mines crypto 24/7. Then there’s GPU mining, which uses high-end graphic cards to do the heavy lifting. I’m currently in the process of growing and adding to my mini crypto mining farm. It’s like a hamster wheel, but for digital currency!



The snapshot above, shows my desk and 4 small box Goldshell miners, a MNTD helium hotspot and a MatchX M2Pro mounted on the wall. The pic doesn’t show everything as it’s only a snap of my desk, but it’s a great start for anyone looking to get into crypto mining.

Green Crypto Projects?

Scientist Using Crypto For The Environment?

Basically, there are several low-power or semi-green crypto projects coming out now. One that is both profitable and helpful for the environment is PlanetWatch. Their scientist reward miners in crypto for their air samples. Maybe I’ll do an unboxing clip on that later and tag @SenWarren #greencrypto  – Suggestions?

While that seems like a cool project, the next few miners I want to add are like the ones that were selling for 88K each last year. However, 2023, those miners are like dirt cheap. Buy low / sell high always applies, right?

Crypto Update 2023

Did You Survive The Fall? – “Now What?” – Here’s What We’re Doing In Crypto…

We invested basically our savings. I don’t want to say, but 10’s of K’s. However, this market recalibration is not swaying us from the decisions or path we have already set on. It only shows how reckless and irresponsible our elected officials are. We’ve moved a long way in just a few election cycles, right? Remember when they used to balance the budget? Debt ceiling, what’s that, right?

In short, we made some very calculated decisions leading up to this. We spent extra to go with the best business & tax attorney known for his great reputation defending entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, we still made near zero in 2022 (/facepalm). – Yeah I actually started driving for a 420 delivery company. It’s a dangerous job. I can’t believe I did it for a year. I think some of them have started to wonder why I have stayed too. LOL

Yeah, we’re buying miners, and setting them up where our mini-farm is powered by solar energy. Doubling down, right? So we’re kind of betting on the future. If we’re right, by the time anyone realizes it, it will be too late to acquire any of the good miners. If we’re wrong, we’ll have lost big. However, we won’t have to look back and wonder “coulda, shoulda, woulda.” – No regrets.

Here is a KD Max by Goldshell that I got.
Last year the KD5’s were selling for $88K/each in the US. The new ones are more than 2X – 4X as powerful and they’re cheap!
But beware, they cost $300/month in electricity to run unless you have solar.

The Mug Shots For Fun Section

Enjoying the 49ers game, back in 2016.

49er Game 2019
I noticed Kittle had sticky hands.

mug shots for fun by chris daniel

Anything for the shot, right?
For fun and only took a few minutes.
Like that cheesy ’70’s stache?

Chris and Laura at the 49ers game in 2021.

49er Game 2021
My ex liked going to the games.

Here at Chichenitza, Chris & Laura are enjoying Mexico.

Chichen-Itza, Mexico
It was a long, hot day. The locals wanted to buy my UFC hat. /LOL

BJJ and MMA practice in 2020

Way of the Warrior Martial Arts
Vicious animal style Kung-Fu, street Jiu Jitsu w/ a Karate influence.

Check out Chitchenitza Mexico. In this, Chris & Laura enjoyed it back in 2016.

Mayan Ruins, Mexico
Don’t skip on the cenote visits too. So refreshing. Was a lot of fun.


Why I have This domain?

For Branding, Right?

Everyone has a brand, by design or by default. – Lida Citroen


If you don’t change your direction, you’re bound to end-up where you’re headed. – John Childers
Met with John in 2006, but he’s now retired. He’s the one who first sparked my curiosity for business & investing.


Your job was not created to pay you what you’re worth. It’s meant to pay what the job is worth. The only person that will pay you what you’re worth is you. – Myron Golden


Met Myron when he was the NVOWS Stock Trading Instructor in 2015. We had diner and talked marketing the whole time.


You can get anything you want in life, as long as you help enough other people get what they want first. – Zig Ziggler

Wise Words I Take To Heart


Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you’re crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you’re lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn’t understand.”
– Robert G. Allen


Most middle-class Americans tend to worship their work, to work at their play, and to play at their worship. As a result, their meanings and values are distorted. Their relationships disintegrate faster than they can keep them in repair, and their lifestyles resemble a cast of characters in search of a plot.
– Gordon Dahl


Don’t strive to have just enough to be comfortable. Otherwise, if you were the Good Samaritan, the guy would have died on the side of the road because you wouldn’t have had enough money to pay the innkeeper. You need to be prepared & available to help.
– Me

More About Chris Daniel

Who do you know runs toward danger, instead of away from it? Who’s going to respond to your fires, is trained in CPR, or can even get your cat out a tree? That’s right, it’s me, Chris Daniel!

One of my defining traits can occasionally double as a vulnerability. I learned the real essence of teamwork during my military service, where I cultivated a deep sense of pride, responsibility, and ownership in my role. More than two decades post-military, this lesson proved crucial when a colleague’s sudden heart attack left a significant gap in our 80+ office.


With no prior notice, training, or hesitation, I stepped into her role, managing total losses in a high-velocity environment for over four months. My performance? Top-notch! I nearly matched the pace of my experienced colleague, a 17-year veteran in the role, during my time at Kemper Insurance. My five-year tenure in claims handling at Kemper was a more stable option than IT contracting at the time.



So, who’s got your back? Hopefully, not someone who’s only in it for themselves, right?

Why Are You Here?

If you’ve made it this far, we’re practically old friends! You’ve seen me in action, experimenting with funnels, driving traffic, and working towards conversion mastery. I’m committed to perfecting every strategy, tactic, and tool, with a particular interest in the realm of AI. I recently started playing with a combination of tools, like dumping the output from ChatGPT into an CSV, and then using that to mass produce social posts in Canva. So, stick around, the best is yet to come!

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